The sierra Madre Jeep excursion Puerto Vallarta is well known for it's natural
resources, ecological attractions and magnificent scenery. This exciting jeep
safari was specifically designed to give adventurous explorers the opportunity to
discover traditional "Old Mexico" villages in the Mexican Outback, as well as the
Ecology and Wildlife found in the mountains and jungles of the Sierra Madres.
If getting off the beaten path and a little adventure is appealing to you, take this
opportunity to travel back in time, when life was less hectic and the simple
events of each day had greater significance. Venturing away from the suburbs
of Vallarta in our specially designed Mercedes Benz all-terrain vehicles, our
off-road voyage of discovery begins, as we take you through mountain streams,
past forgotten villages, and over bumpy terrain on a mission to reach the heart
of the Sierra. It is here, in the depths of the forest vegetation that our
knowledgeable, ecologically trained guides will take you on an amazing
45-minute educational nature walk, encouraging you to discover and explore
the extraordinary flora and fauna hidden away under the canopy of the jungle.
Our adventure does not stop here, but takes you to a golden expanse of virgin
coastline, where you'll enjoy an 'al fresco' lunch prepared by your dedicated
guides, and the chance to kick back and relax on the white sands of a beautiful,
secluded beach. for more info or reservation please fill out the information
below or give us a call Our US line is
210-401-6335 .
Daily from the Vallarta
Adventure Center in
Nuevo Vallarta at 8:30 am,
and from the office in
Marina Vallarta at 9:30 am.

Length of Tour:
7 1/2 hours
$89 USD per person
reserve before October
and recieve a 15%
discount What's Included:
A barbeque lunch and
unlimited beverages.

Contact Us at Our US line
phone the number is  
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