Puerto Vallarta Sailing and tours
Marietas Island Sailing Tours
Head out in the morning enjoying the beauty and serenity of the waters of the Banderas Bay,
until you enter the Marietas Islands National Park where our experienced guides will take you
to snorkeling, watching for rare species of birds or just sit back with your favorite drink and
take in the stunning beauty of the area. Relax on one of the secluded beaches and then catch
the afternoon warm breeze as we all sail back to port. For those who enjoy snorkeling, you will
find an amazing quantity of tropical fish as well as an excellent chance to see other marine
creatures such as octopus, spotted rays and even seahorses and turtles! For those who enjoy
bird watching there are over 100 species of birds like the Blue Footed Booby bird (pic). For
those who are more into just enjoy sightseeing, there are stunning cliffs, beautiful isolated
coves, caves and rock formations that indeed make the Maretas Islands a photographers
Restricted to Wednesday through Sunday
We are pleased to inform that access to the so-called "Hidden Beach" or "Love Beach" has
been reopened, however restricted to only Wednesdays through Sundays. Our sailboat is
anchored just outside the access to the beach and then we approach the beach in a smaller
boat called "panga", and snorkeling for about 70 yards is required in order to go inside.
Sometimes if the tide is too high we won't be able to make it but that's very rare.

As per government regulations, groups up to only 15 passengers will be allowed to attempt
access to the beach, which gives us the edge over other companies that used to bring about
150 to 200 at once, which was what led to the closing in the first place, so we are going to
make sure the area remains protected and preserved by keeping our boats to the minimum
capacity allowed by the Mexican Government. One more reason to book ahead of time before
it gets sold out
$95 Adults
$45 Kids
This tour has limited availablity for reservations please email us direct at
info@sailingvallarta.com to check availability then you can confirm with payment with form
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