Puerto Vallarta Sailing and tours
Sailing to Yelapa
Connecting roads and therefore, if you want to get there,
you either need to take a boat, ride a horse or just walk
and go through the jungle. The incomparable beauty and
charm, as than 10 years ago!) has attracted visitors from
all over the world. There are now about 500 international
residents who have been captivated by the lifestyle and
now call Yelapa their hometown
Tour description Head out across Banderas Bay and
keep an eye out for marine life (Dolphins, Giant Manta
Rays, Sea Turtles, Whales (Seasonal) and a wide variety
of marine birds). Snorkel at one of the beautiful secluded
locations along the south shore where you can follow our
guided tour or explore on your own. Tour the village
visiting the Rosewood Artisans, the local church, and other
local sights and then swim under the waterfall (seasonal).
Afterwards, have lunch at a beach restaurant and then
relax on the beach. Small groups and personalized service
make this a must for those who want to explore and see a
unique part of Mexico.

Price $8
Amount of adults
Reservation date

Price $85
Available Monday and
Charters include
- Continental Breakfast
- Beverages including open
national bar
- Lunch at a Yelapa
- Snorkeling Equipment